How would I know that I have been forgiven by the God

How would I know that I have been forgiven by God1

Indeed, Satan is openly foe of man as he challenged to God that I will make your man against you. The reason was obvious that God preferred a man not only on Satan but all the creatures. As a result, such preference could not digest to Satan and he became the cruel enemy of man as well as God. And when we observe our surroundings we come to know that really Satan has continued his challenge in the form of robbery, murder, wrong intercourse, lying, and blaming.

When we peep into our own soul we feel guilty because we also have become the victim of Devil. However, still, there are maximum chances to get rid of the Devil’s attack because God promised if my best creature has indulged into Satan’s words then I will forgive him again and again but the condition would be the apologies.

How would I know that I have been forgiven by God

If you feel guilty regarding sins whatever bigger or minor and you repent on your wrong doings which were thrown by the Satan, and if you have asked for forgiveness to Divine but internally you are not satisfied whether God has forgiven you or not.

There are several quotations in the Holy Quran which lead to knowing that God forgives if the man concentrates after wrong actions, but the most important way is to please God is obviously Hajj or Umrah. Because such Ibadah makes the man so much holy as he/she is newborn.

Thus, you must select the Hajj or Umrah to pardon the evils which you have performed in the previous time. Certainly, the Hajj is very expensive for those who are living from hand to mouth but God is very kind on his creature. He gives a chance to touch the Kaaba and to forgiveness in the form of Umrah as it is not expensive rather than Hajj. Actually, it is non-mandatory but it eliminates all the previous sins and your soul satisfies after it performed as compared to apologize at your personal home or common mosque.

How would I know that I have been forgiven by the God

Therefore, you must save your money if you want to please God and must make a plan to avail such a grand opportunity. If you have planned to Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you would be the lucky one as you are not missing the time and very quickly you are surrender to yourself into the will of God.

Moreover, if you want to more satisfy regarding pardon by God and that is Ramadan. This is the month that God likes it very much as compared to others, because of revealing the Holy Quran. Since Ramadan is the best option to gratify God, and on the other hand if you have scheduled Umrah Package which will make you happy, so you just grab it as soon as possible.

How would I know that I have been forgiven by the God1

To before start your journey you must know whether all the circumstances are in your favor. Because there are several resistances which can disturb your Umrah performing such as weather sensitivity, disease, or any other complications. In that case, if you find the circumstances are not in your favor, therefore you have to postpone your Ramadan plan into Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 which would be proved the best Umrah experience and it will secure you to from sensitivity hotness.

If you are living in the UK site where people are habitual of cold temperature, as a result, it is very difficult to perform Umrah in the hot season. Anyways, whatever is the best for you but after performing the Umrah you will feel relax, as the Holy Prophet (SAW) said,” Umrah is the elimination of sins.


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