Quran And Modern Science

Quran And Modern Science


Holy Quran is the most read book in the world. People around the world read Muslims or non-Muslims and get knowledge from it and also practice its teaching in their detail life and seek the guidance of world and hereafter. Quran is the last book of Allah Almighty reveal to the most beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

It is fifth holy Book, it is the only book which is it its real form whereas in the other books there are many changing. Quran is the book whose knowledge is not confined to time or people but it is an alive book and has guidance for everyone. Recite the Holy Quran in Makkah thru cheap umrah in UK consultants 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation.

Quran has the sea of knowledge, it has material as well as spiritual guidance for everyone, even a person in the street can have guidance for it, and implement in his daily life and get better in its dealings, actions, moral, and effective in his prayer. Quran has its own significance due to lesson and knowledge imparted by him to everyone. It has a complete code of life. There are many things in the Holy Quran for men to understand as Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran said;

“Surely, there are many signs for men to understand”.

There are many things in the Holy Quran which is very much Beneficial for the mankind. And that things impart great knowledge which is proving by science now! And they get that results which have been mentioned in Holy Quran many years before.

Knowledge of universe and its creation

Knowledge of the universe and its creation is one of the most researched issues of modern sciences, that who this world come into being which thing give it birth and make it so beautiful? But the book of Allah has an ANSWER of it! Allah says in Quran.

“This universe was made by the single word “KUN”.

On another place, Allah says about its creation which is now proved by science now.

“He then turns to the heaven when it was just a smoke”

Now the science after centuries of research came to a view that it was the smoke of star which gives birth to the universe. But this was said by Allah many years before in the time of Holy Prophet in Islam, which science prove today. On the place in Quran, it has been mentioned that.

“Moon, stars, and sun each swim in an orbit”

The concept of Orbit was said by Allah many centuries before in the Holy Quran which science proved now that they actual revolve around their own orbits.
On the other place in Quran it has been written that;

“He is the one who rendered the sun and the moon that is lit”



quran and science fact


This thing refers to the creation of Milky Way the universe where the earth lies, according to the modern scientific theory, there was an explosion in the sun and a part of the sun was separated from it and from that piece of sun different planets come into being and earth is one of them. And this thing was told by Allah Almighty many centuries before, not only the creation of the universe is mentioned in the Holy Quran but also the creation of Human being is also mentioned, on one place it is mentioned as follow.

“Allah is the one Who has shaped you from soil than from a semen-drop, then from bloodsucker-like clot; then get you out as a child then lets you reach your age of full strength then lets you become old thought of you there are some who die before and lets you reach a term appointed by you in order that you may learn wisdom.”

Look at the knowledge which the Holy Quran contains it is so accurate and there are many signs for men to understand that he is Allah who created everyone, this thing is now proved by science that men are born from dust, semen, and blood.

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