An immense reward of Salah in Masjid e Nabwi and Umrah in Ramadan



Salah in Masjid e Nabwi and Umrah in Ramadan

Though both Salah and Umrah increase the virtues, however, there are some other opportunities which tremendously offer a plenteous reward as well.

Salah was conferred as the salvation of sins dates back to the time of Israa when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) requested to Allah-Almighty the chance of pardon confirmedly for His nation. And God bestowed with Salah five times a day which eliminates the Satan’s attack from one spell to other.

Similarly, another chance of salvation in the form of Umrah was gifted from Allah-Almighty through His beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

As Allah-Almighty has an unimaginable treasure of blessing which can never meet to end, that’s why He (SWT) offers abundant chances to get the maximum reward but just need for consideration.


Masjid e Nabwi


After the construction of Masjid e Nabwi, Prophet of God said,” This is the Mosque which bargains the reward of thousand prayers as compared to one prayer in common mosque”. Today we come across thousands of people who have a keen desire to offer the prayer in Masjid e Nabwi to get the huge package of virtues.

If you too want to visit the Masjid e Nabwi so the best option is through the cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will fulfill your both desire “perfuming Umrah and offering prayer in Masjid e Nabwi”

Likewise Masjid e Nabwi, there is another chance to get more than few rewards. So, the execution of Umrah in Ramadan adds your account of virtues. Because the Holy Prophet (SAW) said,’’ Performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward.’’

Thus, if you want to get more than seventy times reward then Umrah Package would be the finest Umrah experience.

Most people perform both of Ibadah in the particular time when they appear easily at their religious spots such as Mecca and Medina.


Umrah in Ramadan


Therefore, some people could not get the single virtue instead of obtaining the huge reward in recommended time like Ramadan spell. The reason is that you are scholarly not supposed to perform Umrah until you have not provided the domestic amenities to your family. In this scenario you must not focus on the Ramadan period regarding proceeding the Umrah but just the reasonable time. So, we suggest you to the best time to perform Umrah and that is Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 because this month the man has much savings and almost free from his family’s responsibilities.


And, if you could not get any chance to perform Umrah so you should not disappoint but just focus on your Salah which is regarded as the salvation of sins. Punctuality of all prayers including extra prayers which are non-mandatory such as Tahajad, Ishraaq and Al-Awwabin etc. also increase your virtues even equal to Umrah.


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