The Fact behind the land of Masjid an Nabawi (SAW)

The Fact behind the land of Masjid an-Nabawi (SAW)

When the brutality from infidels crossed all the limits, so the Muhammad (SAW) had to migrate from Mecca to Medina by the Divine’s wisdom. On the other hand, the masses of Medina had already prophesied through the old testimonials about the advent of Muhammad (SAW) in Yathrib, that’s why they were anxiously waiting for Him.

Nevertheless, as the Muhammad (SAW) entered in Yathrib (Medina), He (SAW) was welcomed with open arms from the multitude. Everyone had great devotion to make Him their guest and offered their home, regarding settlement but through the Divine message, where the female-camel of Muhammad (SAW) would take the rest, so the dwell of Nabi (SAW) would be finalized.

Masjid an Nabawi

Eventually, the female-camel stopped at that point which was the property of two orphan brothers, known as Sahal and Suhayl. They happily devoted their land for the Prophet (SAW) dwell but the recommended amount would be paid to both of them. However, the Masjid was constructed in very enthusiasm manner with mud, wood, and leaves of dates from the people of Medina as well as the Prophet of God himself.

About the Masjid a Nabwi, the Muhammad (SAW) said,’’ offering prayer in this great Mosque is equal to one thousand prayers as rather than a mosque of the street.

Masjid e Nabwi

Today, the Masjid has become the most visited spot as compared to other Islamic destination. If you have a keen desire to see the Masjid a Nabwi then you have to grab the Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 which will live up your religious aspiration as well. Most people visit Masjid a Nabwi during the Umrah in Ramadan because their aim is to get the maximum reward from both sides.

In Ramadan, the reward of Umrah is more than seventy times and meanwhile, they get one thousand more rewards by offering the prayer in Masjid Nabwi.

If you think like other people who get a plenteous reward then you must focus on Ramadan Umrah Package which would be proved the best Umrah experience ever in your life.

umrah in ramadan

But, some things you have to keep in your knowledge before selecting the Ramadan Package. Scholarly, you can never perform Umrah unless you have supplied all the amenities to your family which is need to survive. Moreover, you are not defaulter regarding someone borrowing. If unfortunately, just one is not meet to Umrah’s condition then you should divert your attention some other spell in which you are free from all kinds of hassle. In such a situation the best suggestion is the Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 as it demands minimum expenditures. Furthermore, this month the man is free from education as well as business hassle.

Several people prefer this month so far as they can never bear the hot climate as mostly UK base Muslim communal who are habitual to survive under the cool temperature. Nevertheless, the month offers them a moderate climate to perform the Umrah from all corners.


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